At JVL Agro, we believe that it is not enough to manufacture and brand; products must be made available within a
convenient reach of consumers as well.


Over the decades, JVL made prudent investments in creating a widespread distribution channel. This makes it possible for JVL brands to be available across more than 100,000 Indian retail outlets across 19 Indian states, which account for 60 per cent of the country’s population.

This extensive footprint has made it possible for JVL Agro to not only report a linear increase in revenues but also progressively widen the product mix. In turn, this channel has made it possible for the new products to achieve break-even revenues faster, enhancing product viability and corporate profitability.


At JVL Agro, we have invested extensively in product quality. The result is that our products can be trusted as safe for consumption.

At our company, this uncompromising focus on product quality is the result ofstringent quality control: from raw material purchase to packaging; from process to ISO certification; from control to training.

Besides, this quality emphasis has been reinforced by proactive research in evolving global standards. Making it possible to deliver first-rate quality to consumers.

The result is that JVL’s products enjoy quicker offtake and a premium over competing unbranded alternatives.


Even as JVL Agro addresses the realities of the day, it invests in the technologies of tomorrow. The result is that the company’s manufacturing facilities are benchmarked around the best standards of the day when commissioned.

The Company invested in cutting-edge Alfa Laval technology for its Haldia plant to maximize oil extraction and refining efficiencies on the one hand, and report lower energy consumption on the other. This Haldia plant is acknowledged as one of the most modern oil processing facilities in India.

The Company reinforced this technology discipline certified processes (ISO 9001-2008) enhancing procedural consistency.

This combination – efficiency and consistency – has positioned JVL Agro as a front-ranking Indian edible oils company.